In the auto industry electronics and mechanics merge more and more with each other. This is also the case with automatic transmissions.


When the control computer with the valvebody housing is installed together in the transmission, speaks of a mechatronics. This is the case in many transmissions of the latest generation.

The valvebody housing is, in the truest sense of the word, the "nerve center" of an automatic transmission. Here coming from the control computer switching commands are executed and the various transmission components enabled.

All standard valvebodies are repaired and tested in our house. Our test stands and test equipment to work with real-world measurements, almost like a built-in gear. Through these hydraulic valvebody tests, valves and individual technical elements accurately can be tested.

When repairing the valvebody, highest precision and cleanliness is required. Even the slightest contamination or wear have an impact on the entire switching behavior and the performance of a transmission and can result in the worst case failure of the entire transmission.

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel - We make transmission drive!

These complex systems are worked with us in the operation and checked for special valvebody test benches for proper function and performance.

By a digital control system, fine measurements. This allows us to perform accurate calibrations of the solenoid valves and the valvebody.

For all conventional gear set-ups, adapter plates and test programs are available.

Please contact us for valvebodies in the highest quality, tested to the most advanced test rigs and at fair prices!