Torque Converter

Also, with the torque converters, you should not have to compromise!


A torque converter of the highest quality improves, the switching characteristic of an automatic transmission and dampen noise and vibration. It is in "continuous use" and must deliver maximum performance at all times.

A converter for automatic transmissions takes the role of the clutch and transmits the driving force of the engine to the transmission.

Its task is also, to transmit continuously starting the vehicle, the torque and speed of the transmission.

In general, a torque converter operates hydro dynamically. It transmits the driving torque of the motor by the flow forces present in the torque converter oil.

A high quality and working properly transducer contributes much to the dynamic driving experience.

For this reason, it must, as with the automatic transmission, provide consistent quality.

You should therefore make sure that high quality and durability exist in the torque converter.

If a transmission is repaired, the torque converter should be replaced and matched to avoid expensive costs.

A faulty torque converter can not be observed from the outside, as the problems are in the interior. Friction linings, needle roller bearings, sealing rings, freewheel, torsion and thrust washers can be worn and / or defective. In addition, debris, burnt clutch linings and metal shavings that are still in the old converter, get back in the oil circuit of the newly refurbished automatic transmission. Thus, the transmission would again be damaged and it would again cause problems for the vehicle.

You want high and durable quality from a torque converter?

We offer powerful and durable torque converters for almost any vehicle and transmission types. Our torque converters are a perfect complement to the automatic transmissions we refurbish. Many converters are available for immediate delivery. We use torque converters which are repaired in house. State of the art machinery, trained staff and years of experience in the converter repair, guarantee the highest quality! (The only exceptions are ZF - Sachs torque converters, which we obtain directly from the factory.)

We are more than happy to provide you with additional information about refurbished torque converters and automatic transmissions.

The repair of the torque converter is done with great care. During repair the converter is separated, precisely cleaned, internal parts replaced and welded back together. Then the evaluation of the torque converter takes place. During tests, our employees thoroughly examine the performance accuracy, balance and tightness. In this way we can ensure that the repaired converter has the performance and quality characteristics of a new converter.