We are main-distributor of the Company Hydra Test in England. Hydra Test develops and sells valvebody test stands, which tests valvebodies and mechatronic units under almost realistic terms.



Valvebody TestStand VBT2011

In the VBT2011 Automatic Transmission Valve Body TestStand a heater is installed to heat the transmission oil up to 90 degree Celsius.

The aim is to test a slide switch or the Mechatronic in similar circumstances, ie at the temperature and corresponding pressure conditions.

Since there are no guidelines from the transmission manufacturer for mechatronics / switch slide available, one has to determine measured values and data for the repair of a slide switch "itself".

In order to obtain these important values, a new factory switch slide / Mechatronics is performed on the test stand through various testing phases. The case read measured values are stored on computer and displayed in a graph.

This graphic and the stored values are then used as a template or reference values for all test slide switch and mechatronics.

HT2000 Automatic Transmission Circuit Integrity Leak Tester

Another important test device that needs to be present in ANY Automatic transmission work shop:

This mobile test unit is a universal system, used for all transmission types. With this tester you can check internal hydraulic circuits and couplings for leaks.

In this case, the mechanic use this tester twice:

  • 1. You can use the tester to diagnose the vehicle on the lift to see if leaks are present in the transmission internally.
  • f this is not the case, this suggests that the slide switch is defective or the damage maybe on the outside of the gearboxtransmission housing.
  • 2. You can also the tester one more time to check your work after the repair of the transmission, on the workbench.
  • It does not happen often but it can happen that when repairing a clutch, a sealing ring is damaged.
  • By using the Unit Tester this becomes immediately visible and you can then resolve the problem before installing the transmission and thus save a lot of trouble, time and money.

The Leak Tester consists of an oil tank, a feed pump, a pipe system with quick release and an oil flow meter.

The handling of the test device is very simple:

  • 1. Remove Oil pan and slide switch
  • 2. Screw for the transmission mount the matching the type of adapter plate to the transmission housing instead of the slide switch
  • 3. Connect at the appropriate connection nipples, which lead the oil to the individual clutches or brakes in the transmission.
  • 4. Then one can control every single line with oil pressure.


The oil flow meter can you tell whether a leak in the oil channel or coupling exists or is it within an assigned tolerance range.

Most mechanics carry out these verifications for a long time by using compressed air. This is of course better than no review but not nearly as informative and accurate. Because oil is very different than compressed air. And above all, no value is measured in the review, but the only thing that is checked is whether the clutch piston is moving.

In this tester, however, the oil flow is taken as the measurement value. In direct-controlled clutches, the value should be zero.
With indirectly controlled couplings, eg, via a shaft which is sealed with sealing rings, the value must be within a certain tolerance range.

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