Automatic Transmission

By using modern machines - combined with the highest know-how of our highly trained and dedicated staff - we are able to meet high quality standards necessary to service automatic transmissions.


Our extensive stock of spare parts allows a quick and efficient repair to your transmission. We repair and sell original parts, new parts or non OEM parts of high quality.

All parts that we use for transmission repair, undergo accurate quality controls in order to guarantee a high standard of performance.

We provide you with transmissions that match the model, year, engine size and engine type, including a reconditioned torque converter, with a 1 year warranty with unlimited kilometers.

Just about all transmissions undergo in-house tests, under realistic conditions, as to insure the best in quality and performance.

In case of small transmission problems, we focus on targeted repairs. We exchange only the obviously defective parts. The repair is performed at cost. We provide a 6 month warranty on the parts we replaced.

We repair and deliver automatic transmissions for the latest generations

  • Audi Multitronic gearbox
  • VW DSG gearbox
  • Audi DSG gearbox
  • OAW CVT Multitronic Audi
  • Dual-clutch transmission
  • Direct Shift Gearbox
  • 0B5 Audi 7 speed
  • 0AM VW / Audi DSG
  • 02E VW DSG